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Art: Year One - Drawing

Year One students dive into the drawing world! The year is broken into 2 semesters, each semester is 15 classes. Individual or group classes. Perfect for homeschooling supplementation.

$150 per student, per semester

Art: Year Two - Painting

Year Two students dive into all things painting. The year is broken into 2 semesters, 15 classes each semester. We will concentrate on bringing those essential drawing fundamentals into our paintings!

$175 per student, per semester

Crafting 101 - various

Each craft is themed based each month. Classes are 1-2 hours. Craft and sip parties are also available throughout the year. Classes available: Macrame, Needle felting, paper quilling, watercolor art & paint! List of classes posted each week on instagram!


One on One craft classes

Rather learn privately in a one on one setting rather than group classes? This is for you! We will start with the basics and then ease into more intermediate projects. Results in 2 classes.

$75 for basic and intermediate

Art and Craft Lounge NOW OPEN

Join us as fellow artists and makers gather! Be inspired while socializing with like minded creators. Saturdays and Sundays at 128 Dolson Ave Middletown NY 10940 - times will be posted weekly on our Instagram page. Hope to create with you!!


How is teaching formatted?

I believe an in person teaching approach best suits the student. Immediate feedback and instructor adjustments helps the student to progress faster. Class times, dates and locations will be posted on the website.

Explain more in depth Year One and Year Two art??

Year One concentrates on drawing: Line, form, shape and value. Students will learn to use their tools, draw from observation, learn through eye measuring, compose and make thoughtful decisions. Year One - Semester One will concentrate in the basics of drawing through the Bargue plates. Year One - Semester Two will build on the basics and introduce color theory while studying master copies.

Year Two concentrates on painting: Color mixing, chroma, value, skin tones, form, shape, composition, care of paints and underpainting methods. Students will explore still life, landscape and portraiture through oil painting. Year Two - Semester One will solely focus on oil painting while studying master copies. We will learn grisaille underpainting and alla prima methods. Year Two - Semester Two will continue the painting process and introduce other more modern paint mediums like watercolor and acrylic to start exploring each individual artist's personal style.

Each semester is 15 classes which will accumulate to 30 classes each year.

Why is there an age minimum?

All classes are adult - teen. The limit is smply for the fact that these are more challenging crafts to teach. A certain level of coordination and dexterity needs to be reached in order to follow along with the class. Macrame being one of the harder crafts to master because you are using in coordination your fingers, hands, arms, body posture, visual focus, counting while seeing patterns and problem solving. Needle felting is one of the more dangerous crafts that needs a level of focus and stillness to avoid getting hurt. Paper quilling uses fine motor skills with small tools not suitable for younger kids grip, hands and dexterity. Watercolor uses a level of control and patience most young kids are not ready for. Sure, kids use watercolor painting in school with much success and mess at a beginner level. However, Atelier classes begin on the intermediate/advanced level as we go step by step to create a realistic piece of art.

Regarding crafting classes...can a craft be requested?

Absolutely! However, I reserve this for one on one classes. If a student wants to specifically learn something then we will set up a private class instruction.

What forms of payment do you accept?

The Atelier takes cash, checks, and Square. Year One and Year Two classes requires half tuition at time of registration. 2nd half should be paid within 60 days of 1st class.

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