Hi, I am Carlise Azmitia

***pronounced: Khar - Leese ***

The founder and owner of

Hudson Valley Atelier

I started in photography almost 20 years ago and graduated from New York Institute of Photography in 2008. For over 13 years I ran a successful portrait studio photographing newborns, weddings, fitness, promotional, fine art and boudoir. After I closed my photography business I taught art, music and photography at a local k-12 private school.

I always dabbled in crafts as a form of rest and relaxation. Paint pouring, paper marbling and bookbinding were my first choices of therapeutic art. Ten years ago my daughter and I taught ourselves needle felt sculpt but I didn't delve into it seriously until the 2020 pandemic hit. Actually, this is when most of my crafting skills developed. 

By mid-2021 my growing menagerie was literally pushing my family out of our household. Needing an outlet to clear the mountain of makes I decided to open a studio to sell what was made. That was July 2021 and the rest is the here and now!

I enjoy fiber and paper sculpting the most. Drawing and painting are also art forms I practice in the classical style. Naming my studio Hudson Valley Atelier was a decision for the future; I also enjoy teaching so if anyone wants to learn any of the crafts I've gained knowledge in then my studio is open for you to learn!

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