“In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.”

Hudson Valley Atelier


What is a workshop?

-Typically workshops are 1 day either short or long sessions. Workshops are usually simplified for the time constraint.

What is a class?

-A class is usually an intensive course offering expert guidance to either get you started or strengthen your art skill-set.

Register by going to contact page and send inquiry on the workshop you are interested in.

Once invoice is paid then your registration is confirmed.

Registration is required, no walk-ins at this time.

62 N. Main St. Suite 105 Florida, NY 10921

Thank you for choosing Hudson Valley Atelier for your art and craft schooling!

Fine Art Intensive Classes

middletown ny art school

Drawing Fundamentals Intensive Class

This is an art intensive workshop learning about the fundamentals of drawing. 5 lessons in group or private setting. You will learn line and shape. This is the foundational beginning of all art forms. Then you will learn form and value to give your foundations realism. Each class will be 1 hour.

Workshop is scheduled at a mutually convenient day/time. Teen-Adult


middletown ny art school

Watercolor Intensive Class

You will learn first how to sketch for your foundation to watercolor. Then color block and several watercolor techniques to round out this watercolor intensive workshop. Workshop can be taken in separate sessions or as a long day intensive. Each section would be approximately 1+ hours. If you choose the one day intensive your workshop should last 3+ hours. If you choose to take individual sessions they will be broken down as:

s1: Sketch

s2: Color block and 1st layer

s3: Additional layers and detail. Workshop is scheduled at a mutually convenient day/time.



Charles Bargue Drawing Course

The Charles Bargue Drawing Course is one of the most influential classical drawing courses that is still being used in fine art Ateliers throughout the world. The course was developed in the mid 19th century to guide students from plaster casts to the study of great master drawings to drawing from life, a foundational exercise for fine art training.

The goal of this 10-week course is to sharpen drawing ability and technique. Students will be guided through completing a single drawing from a reproduction in the Charles Bargue Drawing Course. The process will take students from the straight-line block-in to the end stages and subtle finishing. Copies will be completed in pencil with varying degrees of pressure. Please bring a 9x12 toned sketching pad, HB pencil and kneaded eraser to first class. Class will have homework assignments to be completed by next class.

(10) 90 minute classes


Colored Pencil Art Intensive

Immerse yourself in this 101 colored pencil art class. Learn techniques to take your drawing to a fine art painting. 4 classes taken at a mutually convenient day and time.


Felting Art Intensive Classes and Workshops

middletown ny art school needle felt

Needle Felt Sculpture Class

One on one instruction to needle felting basics including wire armature, core shaping, coloring and mixing, details and smoothing. Pretty much everything you need to master his art! Project will be a

6 week art intensive.

Small groups are welcome. All supplies included.

Class is scheduled at a mutually convenient day/time.



middletown ny art school needle felt

2D Felting

Wool painting class

You will learn sketching for your artwork, needle techniques for both color blocking and detailing. You will be working on an 8x10 flat felt. Class will be a

3 week art intensive.

Small groups are welcome. Supplies are included

Class is scheduled at a mutually convenient day/time.



middletown ny art felt bag on ball

Wet Felted Bag/Purse Workshop

You'll learn how to make a felted purse using wet felting techniques. Purses will be finished with either a leather enclosure or a felted strap. This is a day long workshop. Snacks and water provided, bring a bag lunch if you'd like. Class is perfect to do with friends as a girl's day out activity. Instruction and in-class supplies provided.

Workshop is ~4+ hours.

Small groups are welcome: Max 4.


Group Needle Felt Project

Humpback Whale workshop

You will learn how to needle felt on a armature. You'll learn how to build on wire, sculpt and detail. Your finished project will be a needle felted whale sculpt

Workshop is ~3 hours.

You choose wool colors and detail. In-class supplies included.

Small group: Max 4.



Workshop date:

May 18th at 10am

Art and Craft Workshops

Wet Felting

Felted bird pod workshop

You will learn how to wet felt on a resist. Your finished project will be an open pod design used for bird nest and/or feeders.

Workshop is ~3 hours.

You choose wool colors and design. In-class supplies included. Small groups are welcome: Max 4.

Class is scheduled at a mutually convenient day/time.



Nuno felt retreat

Learn the art of nuno felt in a day long retreat.

Nuno felt is a wet felting technique combining different fibers both natural and artificial along with several felting techniques to produce a textile art fabric used in garment making. Workshop is approx. 4 hours. All class supplies included.


Workshop date:

March 30 at 10am

Introduction to Paper Quilling

In this sit and quill style workshop, Carlise will guide you and/or your group through the basics of paper quilling while putting together a paper quilled artwork. In-class supplies included, take-home supplies are an extra purchase. Workshop is approx. 2 hours. Studio sits Max 8 participants. Travel big group discount available, travel free throughout Orange County, NY. Travel workshop can accommodate up to 20 participants.


(take home supplies additional $10)

Paper Quill Earrings

Learn basic quilling techniques to put together personal earring designs. A fun and unique workshop to make gifts to keep or give away. Class is scheduled at a mutually convenient day and time. In-class supplies included, take-home supplies are an extra purchase. Groups are welcome: Minimum 2 to book - Space can accommodate

up to 8.

Workshop is scheduled at a mutually convenient day/time.



(take home supplies additional $10)

Meditative Art

Relax with neurographica and learn meditative art techniques. This is a 90 minute class. Materials are included.


Please Note:

This is an on-going class scheduled at a mutually convenient time. Teachers will vary.

Recycled Decor

We will be using materials to recycle to create a useful and artistic home decor. Some design ideas will use cardboard, magazines, water bottles and more. Students may bring their own recycled materials or use what is provided. This is a step by step class, project will vary.

Donation $20

Please Note:

This is an on-going class scheduled at a mutually convenient time. Teachers will vary.

Coming Soon

A preview of upcoming workshops. Stay tuned for dates and times.

Open craft

Sit and craft with like minded creatives. Once a month, bring your bag of goodies, or use the studio's supplies for an extra fee.

$10 Bring your own

$15 Use studio supplies

Please Note:

This is an on-going class scheduled at a mutually convenient time. Teachers will vary.

Activities and extras

middletown ny paint and sip parties

Private Craft/Paint Party

Book a party at the studio or at your location of choice*. Choose from watercolor painting, meditative art or recycled craft. Party attendees will be led through a step by step project. Studio will provide instruction and in-class supplies for project. You provide drinks, snacks, cake and decorations. Minimum 2 to book.

Studio space can accommodate up to 6.

$25 pp

*travel anywhere in Orange County, NY is free. Anywhere outside OC is additional fee.

Private mentoring

Want or need to learn something specific like oil painting or something more in-depth? Have a special project due for school or your job and need mentoring? Portfolio building and need guidance? Carlise, Atelier's owner and instructor, will be available for your need at your convenience.

$35 per hour

Homeschool curriculums

We will schedule a mutually convenient time/day

Ages 12-17

Drawing 12 lessons - $150

Painting 12 lessons - $150

Sculpting 6 lessons - $75

(all lessons will be ~1 hr)

(Bundle all 3 - $325)

Felting 10 lessons - $150

(class duration varies per project - covers needle, 2D & wet felting)

Ages 6-11

Classical Art 15 lessons - $150

(covers art history and an applied art project. 90 min. class)

All Ages

Recycled Craft 6 projects - $75

(class duration varies per project)

**Do not see what you'd like? Contact and we can plan a personalized plan for your group. $20 per hour, per student.**

middletown ny art school felt club

The felting lounge

a felting club

Are you a felter?

Always wanted to learn Felting?

Bought a felting kit and ready to throw it in the garbage?

Well, we have just the place for you!

The felting lounge is a felting club gathering local felters and wanna be felters for discussion, creating, learning, growing and laughter! Monthly meetings, field trips, themed projects are all planned for this group. Want to join? Send a message or search our FB Group to join. We are a Hudson Valley NY group located in Orange County NY. Search 'The felting lounge' on FB.


Apr. 6th 10am

Travel fee

I travel anywhere within Orange County, NY for free.

If you need me to travel anywhere throughout the Hudson Valley, NY (outside Orange County, NY) region

then my travel fee is $50

Multi class discount:

2nd class - 10% off

3rd class 20% off

4th class 30% off

5th class 40% off

6th and beyond 50% off

Siblings, military and veteran 10% off

Take a class with a buddy 10% off

Parties, travel, homeschool, library and private mentoring excluded from discount


Can I sign-up as a walk-in at Hudson Valley Atelier day of class?

At this time, the studio does not take walk-ins. Time is needed to prep and setup for all classes/workshops including supplies and workspace. There is also a limit to how many the space can accommodate so registration is required for all classes and workshops.

Regarding classes at other establishments: Most places run on a minimum sign-up in order for class to be held. So make sure to register asap to ensure class meets this minimum and does not get canceled.

How can I follow you if I have limited or no social media?

I have a monthly email newsletter that will be packed with each month's happenings/offerings. I will also keep my schedule/calendar updated regularly that you can find on the Home and Contact pages of this website. If you'd like to receive the monthly email newsletter then send me a message through the contact form. Thank you so much for your continued support and interest!

I'm also an artist, do you accept guest teachers?

Absolutely! Please contact me with your project idea and we will discuss guest teacher details.

Why are there so many different prices for the similar class/workshop throughout the regions?

I do not have pricing control in places that are not held in my studio at Hudson Valley Atelier. Each establishment sets their pricing depending on their overhead, duration of class/workshop and teacher payment policy.

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